Most, if not all of you know that I adore the band My Chemical Romance and am somewhat stalkerish of the lead singer, Gerard Way. I'm tempted to throw in all sorts of personal details about his life, but I'll spare you.

I also rather like the band The Used, but don't talk about it as often because... well... I find them embarrassingly emo, despite their awesomeness (I'm very sorry about the intellectual quality of this post, but everyone needs to be silly now and then). The lead singer of The Used, Bert McCraken or however you spell it, is not so hot, but very cool. And very talented. So I like him. But I do not stalk him.

Now, MCR and The Used worked together for a while, recording and doing a tour. At some point in this tour, Bert and Gerard kissed on stage. Can I find a picture of this? NO. BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING FUN. And I may no longer have fun. (excuse my retail-worker-at-christmastime attitude, it's gonna be a long month). But I did find this:

(Gerard's on the right)

EDIT/// - woooooooohooooooooooooo, I can have fun again.
Should I share this newfound pic? (found totally by accident, no less)


Anonymous said...

awww, couple details wouldnt hurt

The Used iz emo. M2M iz pop. cheesy kind. *hardly mention them either..post, anyone?*

now, if his name wuz Mc-Kraken....

[amused look] u? not fun? PUH-lease!


mizfit said...

hey! don't be a meanie... share the pic!

Shad said...

Hello! this is the one known to you as "Bean." ok, so maybe it's starry logged into bean's new blogger account, but hey, I had to get the link to her somehow.