I've been away far too long! Gerard Way (you all remember, the rockstar I'm stalking?) got engaged... and then unengaged... and then kissed some 19 yr old girl from some band... and I MISSED IT ALL. Craziness.

(Well, now that I've hopefully amused the crap out of all of you ;) )

Happy b-day to me.... 8/16, I turned 21. With very little partying dammit. Designated driver at my own damn party that no one but my two best friends came to. (Some ppl had very good excuses though...0_O threats of bodily harm from crazies!)


Soleil said...

seriously, this stalkin' business has gotten Way out of band..err, hand


and well, technically not da crap BUT
*looks round @ various-gemini-persona*

"u did make UZ smile"

"oh, WE r glad yer TWO best friends turned up!"

"what kinda crazies??" VE will punch them outte!!" [swings n' knox himself over]

Melissa said...

Glad to see a new post! :) Happy late birthday!

2lazy2login said...

browsin' multiple sites n' collectin info so

..da bands' hands r an interesting bunch

where do they get the confidence to plaster their palms publicly???
then again, they r in the limelite quite often, no

realy like their 'enemies' + 'friends' section. very informative (;