"atheists riot after blank paper is found on cartoonists desk"

I stole that little quote off internetbumperstickers.com... I love it.

So, you all remember Oliver, hm?

That damn hamster scared me half to death tonight. She's sick... she has wet tail (essentially, severe diarrhea, really dangerous for small animals due to potential dehydration). So, I bought her some meds, I keep feeding her her yogurt treats, and I keep an eye on her. In a few days, she should be fine. This is the part where she scared me: I got home from work today, first thing I do is look in her cage. She was just lying on her wheel, all lumpy looking, faced away from me, and she didn't move when I called her name. I thought she was dead. Turns out, she was just sleeping like a rock. Just freaked me right out.

Another special quote for the evening, this time from my best friends thug-wannabe-drug-addict-domestic-abuser little brother (no, I don't like him, how'd you guess?): "What's a black market?"

Thoughts from working at walmart:

A summary of my days.

I really did have something to say last night, but I forgot it while sleeping. Dammit.
I'll probably come back later, I'm making icons and I want to post them I think.


Anonymous said...

Starry ~ lucky thing she has u 2 look after her!!!

i remember having sea-monkeys one time..thats why i only keep hardy pets.

oh, theres worse places 2 work at..much worse ::smiles wryly::

make da most of yer working experience, eh?
- get all the discounts
- make friends with co-workers & manager (if theyre cool)
- learn the tricks of the trade (the job i mean)
- have fun

Anonymous said...

that might not have come out right..i mean, im not the gentlest person, i never carry even newborn babies!!

depends on the individual i guess.

Melissa said...

poor baby! I hope the little critter is up and about soon!

Starry Lady said...

melissa - she's doing alot better... she looks all bright and alert today, I'm pleased. It took her long enough, but that's because she wouldn't STOP being up and about and get some rest. She's an old thing.

Sol - There are definitly worse places to work... I've worked at a couple of them. The biggest deal for me is that Walmart tends to attract the bottomfeeders, both as shoppers and employees (obviously not exclusively, but at a higher rate than other places). But I am indeed getting my discounts, I seem to already know about 95% of what I need to do the job, I'm already friends with department managers, store assistant managers, and the store manager at least thinks I'm his buddy (don't like him).

And I play with the toys all day. (did I mention they put the ADD kid alone in the toy section all day? ;D )