I don't DO "st valentines" but....

I wear glasses, and my frames are valentino (I don't have a pic, sorry). That's where I discovered my only true brand loyalty... and now I'm subjecting you all to it, HA~!

First, the sunglasses(I want to own one of each color):

Now shoes (yay):

ooooooh pretty

And now, the dresses!:

couldn't get the image for this one, but... I just copied the address instead! So they can BITE ME!


ScarletSphinx said...

Those boots and shoes are the perfect fuck-me accessories. You are a girl after my own heart!

Anonymous said...

Starry ~ biting ya ain't such a bad thing, now is it? ::grins::

i really like de boots, cept the heels on em'..but 4 u i'll make an exception!

the white dress with black rings round it is pretty too

..and the eyeglasses look positively gangsterish, i don't know why they jus do!!