Jesus believes in birthdays

So, I set myself a goal of blogging once a week, and I've spent so much time thinking about what to blog, that I haven't actually done it! Silly me. So, just a random babble for now.

Oh, and if anything in here is inordinately weird, it's because I took a full dose of my migraine meds, and I'm a little loopy.

I've been working two jobs, stock/sales associate at my usual clothing store, and engraver/sales associate at a lovely little place called Things Remembered, and I'm looking at upcoming promotions at both of them (because I am that cool). I am a little worried about the increased hours (if all goes according to plan, 35-75 a week), But I'
m trying to have a little faith in myself.

I'm going to be applying to go to LPN courses starting in November, and I'm hoping that all goes well.

My next goal to work on is making a list of 100 things about myself. It's always fun and challenging. A high school teacher got me started on doing it every couple years.

Hmmm, finally, I guess, I've signed up for postcrossing.com (check it out (sorry, too medicated to make a proper link, might edit it later)). It's cool. Sending postcards to people all over the world, getting postcards all the time. Fun fun.

100 things:
1: When i get too excited about something, my limbs go numb.


handmaiden said...

Hi! now that you are blogging once a week, I'll have to check in at least once a week. :)

I am glad to see that you are doing well & it sounds like you are keeping yourself busy.

lipbiter said...

loopy iz as loopy doez!!

had a nightmare bout vampires couple dayz ago. didnt divulge details cuz then u might laugh, and sumone wud hafta start @ Square 1 to acquire smacking...

ps definitely Jesus week.

lipbiter said...

hey..November will give time to regroup energies for 'storming the castle wall' :grins:

if u work, those kinda hours make sure ta get enuff SHUT EYE

we all know how grumpy u can be, when bedtime starts in the early morning
[[puts on a prim-looking expression]]

gotta go mom called.