Time to move on, girls

So, I was getting gas yeterday, and when it was done pumping I went in to get some sandwiches. I then remembered that I had not hung the nozzle back up, and I couldn't run my debit card inside till I did that. So I run outside to do so, but on my way out the door the bitch in front of me swings it back at me full force. It seemed pretty intentional, but I'm on cold meds, so I figured, 'huh, what a bitch, whatever.' Now, I get to my car, which she's parked right next to, and she's talking to her friends through the window, seemingly about me. I figure, cold meds = paranoid, and go about my business. I go back in, I pay, I come out and get in my car. This whole time they're watching me, and I'm trying to ignore them. It's definitly not paranoia anymore.
I get in my car,and they're right next to me, window rolled down, waiting for me to look. So I figure, what the hell, I'll see what this is about. They start going on about 'hey, Amber pointed you out, fancy seeing you here, have an AWEFUL night' and then speed off as I'm yelling, "I don't know who you are."

Today, I figured it out. Almost 24 hours later, as I was driving by the same gas station.
Ex-boyfriend from, I'm not kidding, 3 1/2 years ago.
I only met the "Amber" one once, and was left with the impression that she was as dumb as a rock, and the leader one that actually managed to talk to me was just filed away in my brain under "one of many local bleach-blonde, over make-uped skanks," So I didn't recognize them at first. And to the girl in the back seat who didn't have the guts to roll down the window? Coward.

And incidents like this, ladies and gentlemen, are one of many reasons I am reluctant to date right now. 3+ yrs later, and their friends still try to assault you.


Morning Star said...


soemtimes advice is given by ppl who, by all rights, have certain things wrong w/their own life

...rather than fix / deal w/those things, they try and pose answers to questions they THINK need askin'.


kinda wish those ppl wud have better advice!?

saymore said...

far as those girls r concerned

sad2say: evolution works BOTH wayz
sumthing left outta most school curriculums..

Morning Star said...

well brite eyes

turns out theres little reason fer caring for such comments, seeing az theyre coming from ppl whose opinion matters little.

VERY un-pc thing to say, but hei if democracy really worked then they wouldnt have what amounts to popularity campaigns evry now&again rather than sumthing a tuppence more substantial

-and besides, if they cannot see u for what u really are, and since he **obviously** couldn't either, the bunch of them iz unlikely ever to.

figured i'd rub that marinade in.

Rita said...

It sounds like the small town I live in. No one ever forgets anything & sometimes the things they think are important??? It doesn't always make sense. The truth is some people never move on. Leave them behind.