Some of these probably should have been obvious to me...

1) Don't consume 3 pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1 taco bell taco, and 2 liters of mountain dew in one meal. Especially if you damn well know you're hyper sensitive to caffeine.

2)Don't were a tanktop in April with out checking the weather.

3)be aware that in new england, it doesn't matter if it was 75 degrees 3 days ago, it can and will snow.

4)Don't watch White Noise at midnight, in a haunted house.


Anonymous said...

1. wow. okay, so 3 pieces is normal but the Mountain Dew really takes the cake!!

::looks down:: don't know if that could fit in mine store-much
::waits fer grammarian ta show up::

Anonymous said...

2. tease

3. ain't it great? ;)

4. hmmm. need to try it sometime..

Starry Lady said...

I'm a tease, huh?

Well, I guess that I should mention then that I was going to have more pics up tomorrow, but now I'm not sure, because I had to stay late at work. ;P

Anonymous said...

iz that a rhetorical question? ;)