giant gerbil terror

Aside from the mildly entertaining title (interestingly enough taken from a news article), tonight's entry isn't very funny to me.

I was away last night, and when I came back this morning I immediatly began feeding my pets. I threw the gerbil food into their tank, but didn't really linger because they could really give a damn about my existence. But them I heard squeaking. They fight alot, a sort of game to them usually, although they are mean to the littlest one. So, I tapped on the glass to break them up, and that's when I saw the little one: covered in blood. The other 3 had lynched her, ripped her right open. It was horrible.

I did get her to the vet, and for only $135 (actually not a bad price) I got her cleaned up (involved anesthesia), stitched up, and I've got antibiotics for her. Through this whole things she's been sweet and cuddly and playful, no less. She's got her own cage now, I'm not letting anything else happen to her. The other three are fine except for a couple of chunks of fur got ripped out.

On the other end of things, my best friend's Grandmother ( henceforth "Omi") owns the duplex my friend's family lives in, and the other side is opening up soon. She's going to let my 2 friends and me have it for $1000 +utilities. YAY! It's suypposed to be really nice inside, it's got a deck, a garage, and an attic. AND one of the places I applied has called me back for a second interview! Everything is coming together, except for my poor little gerbil... on the other hand, she doesn't hace to fight just to get food and water anymore.

So... just a kind of eventful day... there's more, but I don't want to sit still anymore. Possibly why the therapist says I'm ADD ;P.


Anonymous said...

hey Starry!!

im real glad for ya..if you found a closet that opens into another world, you'd let me know, right? *wink*

i see yer a real soft-hearted girl who cares so much for her pets
..that iz one lucky gerbil!!

whats a gerbil, btw? im not quite sure..

so..whos gonna keep their Mustang in the garage?? ;)

ADD can be a boon if you know how to use it to yer advantage..but patience and willingness to learn is key..i have it too.

weren't you staying w/parents before this? if ya dont mind me askin..

been listening to Helena alot lately, really need to get a copy of My Chemical Romance sometime

..which is their most hardcore/yer fave album to date?

Anonymous said...

kay, just looked up the definition of gerbil..

L>T said...

See, I told you those Gerbils were no good! Horrible rodents. Stick w/the rats, I tell ya.

Hi! it's also horrible to be home I wish i were still down in the L.A. sunshine.

YOU would love Venice Beach, if you've never been there.

James Baker said...
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