People were talking....

People were talking about beautiful people, so I thought I'd share a picture of my idea of an attractive man. It came down to Gerard Way, Johnny Depp, or James Dean, and I found this pic first, so voila.

I don't claim to know what determines what we like. I've heard so many theories, archtypes to "we take every face we've ever seen and average them out to an ideal" to the media tells us. I just don't buy it most of the time. I know I've never gone for the really "masculine," stereotypical guys, I like pretty guys, often flat out feminine guys. I like all sorts of pretty things, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Admire yer candor. ::grins::

He is handsome..but sides' his fingers the masculinity is obvious to me..thats jus' my take.

Nice contrast, dark *longish* hair against pale skin! Especially like the bridge where his nose meets the forehead..

Anonymous said...

You could get more people ta visit yer blog, ya know. ;)

Will reply to yer latest comment @ mine soon..have to catch some zzz first.

L>T said...

I love your blog, BTW.

It is interesting to think of why we are attracted to certain types of people for their pysical looks & whatever. It really is a very suble thing & not easy to understand.
At my age I should have an advantage in figuring it out, because I am sorta at a distance from the biological urges of lust & those other fun things that cloud our judgement.

I do think alot of instinct is involved, in these decisions. & looking back in my choice of a mate.(I've been married for almost 20 years) At first of course is the phsical attraction 'lust'. But i was a practical girl & was working hard to support myself & my daugher w/out any help. So, I had a even bigger agenda, w/was the need for 'security'. & being not too stupid or overly ruled by my emotions The person could not have any bad 'issues'. ETc.....

My point is, that many diff. things go into our choices & they are largely unconscious . But, having the hindsight of age & experience.
I would advise ALL young people to Lust after whoever, but think practical about the ones you have long term relationships with.

XXX's & OOO's

Anonymous said...
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