just posting because I have nothing better to do

So... I'm bored. Yeah, that makes for substance in a post.

I was thinking... since I keep adding so much other random crap to my posts, I'd add some quotes from my favorite "inspirational" book: "The Little Book of Stress."

-THE REMOTE CONTROL STRATAGEM - Find out when your friends' favorite tv program is on. Then call them 7 minutes after it starts.
-THEY'RE JUST NOT TRYING - When traveling abroad remember foreigners can understand english if you talk loudly and slowly.
-USEFUL PHRASE - "Why did you do that?" (it drives me nuts when ppl ask me that)
-SINGLED OUT - Ask single women if they've got a boyfriend yet. ----Repeat on Valentine's Day.

Now for my pets again, because I love them. The first pics are ones I've already talked about, but then there are my other hamsters, my rescued sisters.

^^Fluffy the crazy cat!^^

^^Oliver! Why can't I get a good pic of this animal ;_; ^^

^^Can you tell they're sisters? They're both so sure they can chew their way out.^^

I found these girls in a little shithole masquerading as a petstore (we were only there because my friend had bought a dog there, and it needed some serious medical care, and the store was financially responsible because they're the ones who displayed and sold a sick dog, but they weren't paying the vet). They were already adult, and were being kept TOGETHER (big hamster no-no) in a tank barely big enough for 1 hamster. They both had open wounds from fighting and were malnourished, but when I spoke to the store OWNER he said "some ppl would say that they're playing." (about the fighting.) WHAT THE FUCK kind of answer is that. I was almost crying, because I had no money but it was killing me to even think about just leaving them there (I'm a big softy for animals), so my friends asked if he could hold them for us until the next day. He said we could just take them that night, if it bothered us so much. Now, that almost sounds nice, until you remember the part where if he sold them to us, he would have been responsible for any vet care they might need from his mistreatment of them, and he knew that we knew that. But I took care of them, and they're all better now.

PLEASE: if you ever find a petstore like that, report it!
http://peta.com/ (if you must... they tend to be a little weird)
local government, any one you can.

ANIMAL ABUSE IS WRONG. And sick. They can't even defend themselves against it, it's not hard to treat an animal right, and yet people continue to act in these barbaric ways.

Now... on with the pictures.


(side note - I did some math, my small pets and cats combined cost me probably over $8,000 a year. I'll be so happy when my friend has her own apartment nd can take care of them herself...)


L>T said...

LOL loved the quotes! esp. the one about calling someone when their fav. program is about to come on. I hate that!!! As soom as I cetch up on my posts I'LL post some pic.s of our rats.

Anonymous said...

::flashes a smile @ her:: Like the way you treat animals. A lil overdone perhaps, but..

Many pet store owners are in it purely for the money. Pets are little different to them from other saleable commodities. Pretty fucked up.

I thought we got good pics of Oliver in the last post!!

The Little Book of Stress sounds funny. I read one like that called The Pessimist's Guide to Life. Hehe.

I also noticed..thats a lotta dough for keepin' pets. Ya must love them, huh?

Anonymous said...

hey pet gurl,

just wanted to say, i really liked yer posts @ World of L. Tart.

saying whats on yer mind is really kewl

..stepped in a lil bit cause i didnt want to see ya trip over yerself.

am i contradicting myself? humans are a paradox anyways. ;)

FIAR said...

Based on what I've seen so far, it would seem you have difficulty getting a good picture of almost anything. Is there something on the lens, or what?

I estimate that in food alone, my 3 dogs cost $5k / year. That's just food. Then there's shots, unforseen vet bills, toys, etc.

Anonymous said...

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