Why Oliver is a miracle hamster

When I adopted her, Oliver had a severly broken foot. But now she's healthy as can be, and that's a pretty damn good turn around for a malnourished, old hamster. You can sort of see it in this pic: Her right hind foot is just dandy, but her left hind foot is swollen and purple. We think it was sone on a wire wheel. Always give hamsters plastic, solid wheels!

^^Look how fat she is!^^

^^Sure, my camera sucks, but this is a pic of her poor little foot.^^

And yes. I named a female hamster Oliver.


L>T said...

My daughter (25) has had rodent pets her whole life. Still has rats. & we are a pet rat loving family. None of us has ever been bitten by the rats we'd had. But gerbils, spiny mice, hamsters, another story.
Rats are very smart, also. & friendly. We always bring them out at parties so they can visit everyone, chew on some weeds or drink a capful of beer. Baby princess, (the young lady rat)loves the boys esp. if they have stubble on their faces & rub her w/it, it's so cute! Star, the stripper rat(long story) is the old lady of the two. She's a bit of a lush. Has a latex fetish.
I could go on & on but this is your blog, so...maybe I'll do a post on them, someday.
CHOW, Baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute nursery ya got there. Oliver is such a furry and roundish creature!!

How often do they need to be fed and bathed?

..dark nailpolish, huh? ;)