Deja vu

Four months ago I ended a six month relationship (possibly hinted at in my entry "him"? ;) ). Now, in the grand scheme of things, that whole 10 months isn't very long, the six nearly laughable. However... it was my first relationship. My first boyfriend. My first date. That creates a bit of an attatchment.

With that background information, I'll get to the point.

I made some mistakes during that relationship. I treated my friends poorly, especially my best friend. Now, I won't claim she's some beacon of perfection, she did a pretty similar thing to me just months before: you know what girls do, focus too much on the guy, forget their friends. I swear, we don't realize we're doing it. Tell us. Please.
But I went too far. When she was so upset she was sobbing too hard to walk, I went with him instead of her. He was even the cause of her upset. I know I should have gone with her, but the situation threw me so much (a situation a little too personal and complex to explain fully today) that I stayed with him. I hurt the best friendship I have ever had. I have that friendship back, but the damage done that night has yet to heal.

Now, I have another chance. Another boy expressing interest, asking me to go out with him. I am afraid of making mistakes again. She's afraid I'll hurt her, abandon her again. And I do not know what I'll do.

I don't think this will be a serious relationship. He needs someone to be there for him, and I need someone to be with outside my everyday social circles. I think he can understand me, and I know I can support him.

Advice always welcome.

And l>t-
You are so sweet saying you like my blog. Thank you. I'm just trying to write what I really think and feel, and maybe exercise my creative writing skills while I'm at it (ie - "unforgettable). I don't really know whether or not I have anything to actually say.
"I would advise ALL young people to Lust after whoever, but think practical about the ones you have long term relationships with. " - Amen. I fully agree. This is why I like talking to adults. (**stop** **think** Holy crap, I'm an adult!!)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Took these 2 out, figured I'm not the one who should be dishing out relationship advice

..in any case, I'm glad to make friends with ya. ;)

Count of Monte Christo had great fight scenes..I love how the hero surpassed his best friend in the end.

L>T said...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained is how the saying goes.
Unless your friend has designs on the same guy, or a secret crush on you, she should be O.K.

Starry Lady said...

hm, no secret crushes as far as I can tell. She says she was just being emotional... I guess pregnant women get that way ;)