What a day

When I came home this morning from spending the night at my friend's, I found one of my pet rats, Guinevere(Gwennie), just kind of moseying around... outside her cage. She found a way out. So I put her back and fixed the problem. I went about my day.

Most of that day consisted of rescueing my friends from one of their psycjotic mothers ("Laura, stop coughing!" *seconds later, muttering to her self* "don't yell at her, she's sick and she's got asthma, it's not her fault" *followed by* "Don't you throw up in there! It'll make a mess!")
The woman's lost her mind, I swear.

So I come home. And Gwennie was gone again. this time, she wasn't moseying either. About 10 minutes later, I figured out she was under the bed, with all my boxes of extra crap (I horde stuff). I can't even squeeze my arm under there, there was no pulling her out. And she was on to me, damn rats and their learning abilities. She didn't WANT to go back in the cage. Another 20 minutes later I managed to lure her out with the promise of hand feeding her her favorite food. Now she's mad bacause I put her in a cage she can't escape, and it's smaller than her normal cage. So now I have to spend the 100 or so dollars I don't have on a new cage, or let her run wild. I have 3 cats and would rather she live through this, so my life is about to suck even more as far as money goes. Blah.
I need that money for my car insurance and such, damn that rat.

On the upside, I pwned my brother at the awesome new soulcaliber 3. He's been playing for 2 days, it was my first time playing a video game in over a year, soulcaliber in 2 or 3 years. I rock.

And for our daily dose of prettiness:

Gerard (from previous posts) is down in the corner, wearing the awesome scarf.

That's all I pester you with today then.
And in the spirit of too much 90's-tv-reruns....

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Anonymous said...

Feelin' like death-warmed over after yesterday but recoverin..

I see you have dual nature(s) as well. ;)

Gwennie sounds cute. Yeah, I'd bet my money on the cats too. The lil' one definitely needs a large cage, strategically placed out of reach of fang & claw.

I love Soulcaliber 1 & 2!!! Whats 'pwned'?? Fave is Mitsurugi, followed by Greek female warrior.

The guy in second pic looks kissable..from this distance. First pic is great for style..

Also, I forgot to ask ya how Leo men and women are different from each other..me curious.