Short story, written 2 years ago

Hm, ok, notes... little world I made up were vampires are a real and known thing, but they're treated as sortof second class citizens. This has murder, a crazy girl, police, narrative style, and musical references. I guess that's all.


"The only thing you could hear was my heels.They were clicking on the pavement in this perfect 4/4 timing. It was the opening percussion.It was a song."

"It was a murder."

"When I got closer, it seemed that I could hear him shaking. A faint cello tremelo."

"You just pick some random drunk behind a bar?"

"When he saw me coming, he began to panic. His breathing became the stacatto violas."

"Why did you do it?"

"I kept walking. 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4. I kept smiling. I said 'hello.' I asked how he was doing. A slight tease from the violins. The violas got faster, but the percussion never changed."

"They said you were always low-key,non-descript, quiet, sweet. What happened?"

"Someone opened a window, probably a kitchen window, or a backroom, and the sounds of the club poured out. Bass and second violins. A strong support, and an opening melody."

"Then one night, you pull out your fanciest clothes and take to the street. Your work calls your cell phone, and all you have to say is that you're sorry, you won't be working there anymore. You'd 'made a decision.'"

"The first violins came in when I grabbed him. He squeezed out this little 'no,' the low 'g,' the pickup."

"They called Control. Said you sounded like you'd snapped. They went to the club to get a description. Your boss was worried about his precious star singer."

"I kept trying to tell him not to worry. It hurts less that way, you know. That was the first violins, the violins that had only teased earlier. I took his upper arm in one hand and reached to loosen his collar with the other. That's when the lead violin started its solo, and the percussion followed it. He screamed; he tried to escape."

"While they were there, they heard a commotion in the alley out back. They heard it over everything inside, you crazy bitch! Over the music, the people, everything! Everyone could hear you two struggling. Shut'em up quick."

"Suddenly everything else but the bass dropped out. It was the distant murmering of the bass, the wild percussion, and the screaming violin."

"Control followed the noise."

"Percussion faded first. Soon the violin faded back to the cello tremelo. The main violins came in almost imperceptebly as I soothed him. even after the cellos stopped. It was the violin and soft, urgent bass. Then it stopped."

"They found you out back, knealing over his body talking to it. How crazy are you?... They bring you here, and bam! you confess. I guess this should be an easy enough trial. You didn't even try to struggle when they arrested you, did you?"

"It hurts less that way."

"Let's get you to a cell."

"...Where are my friends?"


Anonymous said...

I really like this one!!!

Maybe a lil' bit more polish on *some* parts, rest is perfection

..just realized ya play the violin. Aspiring artiste, huh??

Anonymous said...

hey..jus wonderin' where you were.